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Policy for Displays/Exhibits and Bulletin Boards

Use of Thayer Public Library areas for displays, exhibits or posting of notices is primarily for library and library sponsored program use.

The Library also welcomes exhibits and displays by non-profit organizations.

The display or distribution of material does not constitute endorsement of the content by the Thayer Public Library.

The Library reserves the right to review requests for display, exhibit and bulletin board space. Use of Library display / exhibit space is granted by the Library Director or the Children’s Librarian and is reserved under a first-come, first-serve policy.

Bulletin board spaces are open to non-profit organizations and public interest notices based on availability.

The Thayer Public Library does not maintain insurance to cover damage or loss of materials placed on exhibit. Exhibitors using display cases must sign an indemnification agreement provided by the Library.

The Library reserves the right to limit the size and length of exhibit displays. Exhibitors may not list the Thayer Public Library as a sponsor or co-sponsor of the exhibit or display unless authorized by the Library Director.

Conditions for Displays / Exhibits

  1. Price lists supplied by exhibitors are required for items available for sale.
  2. Transactions for the purchase of exhibit items shall be directly between the purchaser and the exhibitor or the exhibitor’s official agent.
  3. No exhibit material sold during its display in the Library may be removed from the exhibit before the end of the exhibition, unless such removal and the rearrangement of the display is approved by the Library.
  4. Exhibitors interested in reserving one of the display cases or exhibit areas must complete a Display Case / Exhibit Area application form and insurance waiver.
  5. While the Library avoids canceling or suspending displays or exhibits, the Library reserves the right to do so if facilities are needed for library purposes. Every effort will be made to give as much advance notice as possible.
  6. The installation and removal of the display or exhibit is the responsibility of the sponsor.
  7. Exhibitors must use library furnished hangers for the display of art work. No exhibitor supplied fixtures may be attached to the walls.
  8. Groups or individuals are responsible for set up and removal of all displays or exhibits.
  9. No press release issued by an individual or organization for an exhibit or display at the library shall in any way state, indicate, or intimate directly or indirectly that the library sponsors or endorses the exhibit or display. All press releases shall be submitted to the Library Director for review at least four weeks prior to the exhibit or display. The Library Director shall have the right to edit all such press releases to ensure compliance with this provision.